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for more detail click on each facial part
for more detail click on each facial part

Botox injection to remove forehead wrinkles and glabellar lines

Eyebrows thread lift
treatment for all types of hair loss

mesotherapy, needling and PRP , in order to strengthen hair and prevent hair loss
Botox injection for eye wrinkles

Filler injection into the tear trough under the eyes (treatment of eye bag)

non-surgical eyelid lift with Plexr treatment (Plasma)

Filler injection to form cheeks and remove facial skin sagging and face lifting

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acne spot and scar treatment
face lifting with HIFU

Thread Lifting

Using various kinds of lasers such as ICON , RF, micro needling and PRP to rejuvenate and to remove the wrinkles and open skin pores

PROFHILO injection for refreshing and filling the skin

lip filler injection to form or increase the lip’s volume
Injection of filler and Botox to contour and shape the chin or to lenghten the face.
rejuvenation of neck with ICON laser or PROFHILO injection
filler injection to angle the jaw
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