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Question: What is Mesotherapy?


Mesotheraoy is actually a non-surgical treatment in the field of cosmetic medicine in which low doses of the drug are repeatedly injected into the area.

Today, the most used mesotherapy is in the treatment of hair loss, skin pigmentations and facial skin rejuvenation.

Hair loss treatment:
In the treatment of hair loss by this technique, the drug that the patient should take orally is injected locally into the hair follicles and this is considered to be an important benefit of this treatment because there are sometimes problems with the oral intake of therapeutic supplements(e.g. skin eruption and weight gain).

In hormonal hair loss and male pattern hair loss, mesotherapy can be used as an adjunct to other treatments.

It also helps patients to prevent hair loss due to long-term diet or surgery where drug absorption is impaired.

Facial stain treatment:
For some types of stains (such as melasma or acne spots and after Laser pigmentation, etc) mesotherapy is used along with topical treatment (appropriate anti-stain creams).

August 16, 2019
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